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LASIK Flap Dislocation - The Flap Never Heals.

Flap Fold or Striae The risk factors for flap folds include excessive irrigation of flap during LASIK, poor repositioning of the flap at the end of procedure, thin flaps, deep and. May 01, 2001 · NEW YORK — For managing LASIK flap dislocations, surgeons can use the “lift and smooth” technique when there is intact epithelium and the patient has short-lived striae.

The LASIK flap remains vulnerable to late striae formation in the context of trauma and flap dislocation. Although reports of late traumatic striae are fortunately rare, they suggest that flaps remain at risk for months to years after surgery. Q. After LASIK and flap striae surgery, when will I get normal vision?Epithelium usually takes 7 to 10 days to get replaced by a newer one. Till then your doctor might have put a contact lens in your eye to avoid any discomfort. You might be using different types of drop. You need to continue those drops as advised by your doctor. RESULTS: In the absence of flap dislocation, the finding of striae alone was subtle and went undetected initially. The flap was successfully refloated, stretched, and smoothed with recovery of 20/20 vision. CONCLUSIONS: Traumatic LASIK flap complications may occur many years after the original procedure.

Jul 15, 2010 · The first stage of intervention is to lift the flap, preferably on day one, and hydrate it with saline solution. When the solution swells the flap, it can stretch and eliminate the striae by itself. You can also use a spatula to iron the flap and try to flatten the folds that way. If the first stage doesn't work. Postoperative management is crucial in LASIK, and patients must be instructed to not rub or squeeze his or her eyes and to wear eyeshields at night. Despite adequate surgical technique, postoperative eye rubbing or squeezing may cause flap striae, especially when the flap is thin ie, this case. Untreated LASIK flap striae induced a small, but statistically significant, hyperopic shift in the manifest refraction SE compared with control eyes P <.001. This refractive worsening was more pronounced for the manifest refraction sphere P <.001 than for the manifest refraction cylinder P =.72. prevent and treat striae such as the Pineda LASIK Iron. The Johnston LASIK Flap Applanator can be used pri-marily or to manage striae.The Donnenfeld Striae Removal Spatula is heated, and both sides of the flap are “ironed” before its replacement. CONCLUSION When all else has failed, my final strategy is to lift the flap and suture it with an eight-bite antitorque suture.

Dr. Cory Lessner shows how to do LASIK Enhancements, Remove Epithelial Ingrowth, Striae Removal, Flap Correction, Macrostriae, Microstriae, Sand of the Sahara, DLK, etc on the Slit Lamp. LASIK Complications & Risk of Corneal Flap Irregularities.However, sometimes the striae are serious enough to decrease visual acuity. In such instances, the surgeon might lift the flap, irrigate beneath it and lay it back down in the proper position. This quick procedure is. Aug 23, 2018 · Flap striae after LASIK can occur in up to 3.5% of patients – more common than full flap dislocations. They are a result of misalignment of the flap, and.

CRSTEurope LASIK Striae.

After LASIK and flap striae surgery, when will I get.

Abstract: A novel flap double twist technique was applied to reduce the incidence of post-laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis LASIK flap striae. The flap is floated and stroked in the same way as is done for management of first postoperative day striae, where the method is to float and irrigate the flap into position, followed by applying gentle pressure on the flap with a wet Merocel microsponge and moving. Jun 12, 2014 · This was a case of Striae post trauma in a post op case of LASIK done 1 year back. The patient had a good visual outcome of 20/20p.

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